Unveiling Ilfov County’s Cultural and Natural Riches

To the distinguished President of the European Commission, esteemed President of the European Parliament, esteemed Heads of State and Government, respected Presidents of Parties within the European People’s Party, and esteemed European Commissioners,

With genuine enthusiasm, we extend a warm invitation for you to discover the captivating landscapes and cultural treasures awaiting exploration in Ilfov County. As guardians of Europe’s rich heritage and advocates for progress, we invite you to immerse yourselves in the rich blend of history, innovation and natural wonders that define our region.

We offer but a glimpse into the rich heritage and dynamic initiatives that characterize the Ilfov County. From the storied halls of Snagov Monastery to the colourful educational projects like „Colour Your Future”, each piece reflects our commitment to preserving tradition whilst embracing the promise of tomorrow.

As leaders shaping the future of Europe, we encourage you to explore Ilfov County not merely as spectators, but as active participants. Whether by public transport, by foot or bicycle, or even through a VR tour, we invite you to traverse our lands, engage with our communities and savor the breathtaking landscapes that await at every turn.

Join us in unlocking the secrets of Ilfov County, a land where culture, nature and innovation converge to inspire and delight. Your presence would honor us as we share the beauty and vitality of our region with the world.

#IlfovTogether: United in Vision, United in Progress!

We believe in a harmonious integration of heritage and cuttingedge technology, ensuring that the valuable insights from our history remain not only intact but also accessible and relevant for generations to come.

Snagov Monastery: A Journey Through Time

Snagov Island’s serene waters cradle a treasure trove of history dating back to the era of Mircea the Elder. In the 15th century, the indomitable Vlad the Impaler set the cornerstone, giving thus birth to a sanctuary adorned with stone churches, monks’ abodes, and the echoes of devotion. Today, amidst the whispers of ages past, remnants endure—the steadfast stone church, reborn under Neagoe Basarab’s stewardship, stands as a testament to resilience. Across epochs, a tapestry of rulers wove threads of legacy, enriching this bastion of Orthodoxy with their patronage.

The Snagov Monastery, a venerable edifice dating from the 15th century, embodies Romania’s rich spiritual heritage. From its genesis under Vlad the Impaler to the eras of Neagoe and Matei Basarab, it has weathered the tides of time. Notable cultural personalities like Antim Ivireanul illuminated its halls with cultural fervor, imprinting their mark on its narrative. Despite tribulations, the monastery stands as a beacon of faith and culture, nurtured by the vigilant efforts of Patriarch Daniel and modern stewards. Through meticulous preservation endeavors and cultural initiatives, it remains a sanctuary for seekers of solace and seekers of truth, a testament to resilience and an emblem of Ilfov’s cherished legacy.

Additionally, it serves as the emblem of Ilfov County Council, representing the region’s cultural heritage and spiritual significance.

Together, let us celebrate the enduring legacy of Snagov Monastery and its profound impact on our shared cultural heritage.

Căldărușani Monastery: Guardian of Faith and Culture

Nestled within the verdant embrace of Lake Căldărușani’s shores, the Căldărușani Monastery stands as a testament to resilience amidst Wallachia’s lush forests. Legend traces its origins to Voivode Matei Basarab’s reign, who, guided by prophecy, erected this sanctuary dedicated to Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-streaming. Over centuries, it evolved into a bastion of faith, culture, and artistic fervor, with each stone bearing witness to its founders’ indomitable spirit.

As a fortified citadel, Căldărușani Monastery emerged as a beacon of strength against Ottoman invasions, its crenelated walls echoing tales of valour. Within, the church of Saint Demetrius stands as a testament to architectural grandeur, adorned with frescoes narrating the monastery’s storied past. Its significance transcends time, symbolizing spiritual devotion and artistic excellence.

Beyond its religious vocation, Căldărușani fostered a flourishing artistic community, nurturing talents like Nicolae Grigorescu and Macarius the Archimandrite. Today, its museums preserve a treasure trove of artifacts, offering a glimpse into its illustrious past.

Under Archimandrite Lavrentie Gâţă’s stewardship, Căldărușani embarks on restoration and revival. With meticulous care and dedication, supported by the Romanian Orthodox Church and European funds, they safeguard its heritage for future generations. Through conservation projects, they ensure Căldărușani remains a beacon of faith, culture, and enlightenment.

In unity, we honor the resilience of Căldărușani Monastery and its timeless contribution to our cultural and spiritual landscape.

Saint Nicholas Sitaru Monastery: A Legacy of Faith and Resilience

Dating back to 1626-1631, the „Saint Nicholas” Sitaru Monastery finds its roots in the vision of boyar Papa Greceanu. Redeeming a portion of the Greci estate from Snagov Monastery, Greceanu embarked on the construction of a stone church dedicated to Saint Nicholas, alongside a wooden chapel of the same name. Despite the passage of time, echoes of its humble beginnings linger, testament to Greceanu’s steadfast commitment to his faith.

The monastery’s association with the name „Balamuci” bears traces of ancestral ties and spiritual fervor. Linked to the memory of Muşa Greceanu and tales of monks deemed „crazy for Christ,” Sitaru weaves a tapestry of legend and legacy, each thread adding depth to its storied past.

Through epochs of change and challenge, Sitaru endured, its resilience mirrored in the unwavering dedication of its custodians. Despite setbacks and restrictions, the monastery’s spirit remained unbroken. Under the leadership of Archimandrite Damian Bogdan and the relentless efforts of subsequent abbots, Sitaru witnessed a renaissance, marked by restoration endeavors and spiritual rejuvenation.

Guided by Archimandrite Natanael Haraga, Sitaru Monastery emerges as a beacon of Orthodox spirituality in the modern era. Its mission extends beyond the confines of its walls, embracing cultural, educational, and administrative roles within the local community. Through collaborative ventures and unwavering devotion, Sitaru perpetuates its legacy, a testament to the enduring power of faith and resilience.

United, we champion the transformative power of education at Mănăstirea Sitaru, shaping compassionate and responsible citizens. 

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Snagov Palace

Nestled serenely along Lake Snagov’s shores near Bucharest, the Snagov Palace is a gem of opulence and refinement. Prince Nicolae’s 1930s vision, further enhanced by the Ceaușescu family in the 1980s, reflects Romania’s rich history. Embracing the Brâncovenesc style, its graceful lines and ornate embellishments exude baroque elegance.

Retaining echoes of its storied past, the palace bears Henriette Delavrancea Gibory’s visionary design. Wander its hallowed halls, where history whispers secrets of bygone eras, preserved in timeless architecture. From grand entrances to sumptuous living quarters, every detail exudes refined luxury.

Adjacent to the main edifice lies a haven of tranquility. Indulge in the pleasures of the wine cellar, fitness suites, and spa facilities, where relaxation knows no bounds. Preserved through time, the palace’s original features shine with renewed brilliance, echoing a legacy that spans centuries.

Welcome to Snagov Palace, where history and elegance intertwine in an unforgettable experience. In solidarity, we embrace its heritage as a testament to preservation and progress.

By investing in education, we open doors to limitless opportunities, training individuals prepared to contribute to the prosperity of society and build a future based on understanding, tolerance and global cooperation.

Empowering Education: The 'Colour Your Future' Initiative in Ilfov County

Nestled near Bucharest, Romania, vibrant Ilfov County pulsates with youthful energy and a quest for excellence. However, for many families, access to quality education remains a challenge amidst bustling city life. Recognizing this, Ilfov County embarked on a transformative journey to reshape the educational landscape through the visionary „Colour Your Future” initiative.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Chief Architect Olivia Ana Ciobanu Oprescu, „Colour Your Future” is not merely a project; it’s a movement bursting with creativity and innovation. It envisions schools not just as buildings but as vibrant hubs of inspiration and learning.

Since its inception in June 2023, „Colour Your Future” has painted strokes of change across Ilfov County, with murals breathing life into school corridors and educational stickers sparking curiosity. Initial feedback paints a picture of heightened student engagement and strengthened community bonds.

Beyond borders, the resonance of „Colour Your Future” echoes worldwide, speaking volumes about the transformative power of creativity in learning environments. By sharing our journey, we invite global partners to join hands in sculpting a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.

Looking ahead, we commit to expanding the reach of „Colour Your Future” and nurturing partnerships on a global scale, painting a world where every child’s future shines as bright as the colors of his dreams.

Together, we celebrate the visionary initiative of ‘Colour Your Future,’ illuminating pathways to a brighter tomorrow for our youth.

A Time for Relaxation, a Time with Animals – Learning from Small Animals How to Be Great Humans

This initiative, already functioning as a pilot project, is set to expand across all schools, aiming to instill in children the importance of compassion towards their non-speaking companions and equipping them with the necessary skills to interact safely with street animals.

For two consecutive years, specialized educators have been conducting monthly sessions in two Ilfov schools, educating children on fundamental aspects such as animal respect, adoption, and legal frameworks.

Anca Tomescu, representing the Animal Society, emphasizes the need for children to understand how to approach encounters with animals on the streets, whether it’s knowing the boundaries with owned dogs or understanding a cat’s preferences in a household setting.

These courses will become part of the curriculum, specifically tailored for 6th-grade students.

Hubert Thuma, president of the National Liberal Party for Ilfov County and Ilfov County Council, highlights efforts to integrate this program into the broader educational curriculum, ensuring its accessibility across all schools in the region.

Măria Isabela Oprea, an animal protection counselor, elaborates on the practical aspects of the courses, which include interactive sessions with shelter dogs and discussions on adoption.

Additionally, the Ilfov County Council is undertaking the implementation of the project titled „Shelter for Large and Small Animals in Ilfov County.” This initiative aligns with our commitment to enhancing animal welfare within the county, exemplifying our dedication to fostering compassion and responsibility towards our animal companions.

In a collective recognition, we celebrate the invaluable role of education in nurturing empathy and accountability towards our animal companions.

Piscu School Workshop Museum

The Piscu School is a special place and an inspiration to all those who wish to gain a fascinating glimpse into the riches of the Romanian cultural heritage and become acquainted with its values. The School was founded as a result of several projects run by the Gaspar, Baltasar & Melchior Association, a cultural and educational non-profit organisation which has been operating since 2006 in a former pottery centre, in the Piscu village in Ilfov. It is our aim that the younger generations should become more aware of their cultural heritage and more attached to its beauty and its historical relevance. We hope to achieve this by organising workshops, summer schools, conferences, by publishing cultural heritage books for all ages, by running a heritage specialist primary school, by undertaking anthropological research and running an online cultural platform. Cultural heritage can only be preserved with regular and healthy doses of tender loving care!

A Cultural Beacon in Ilfov. Let’s nurture heritage and inspire the next generation.

We are determined to become role models and educators, encouraging others to adopt responsible practices to preserve and protect natural resources so that they are available for future generations.

Eco-Revolution: The Zer0 Waste Natural Park Reshaping Ilfov's Green Frontier

In the heart of Ilfov County, Romania, a groundbreaking initiative is unfolding to combat urban sprawl and champion environmental stewardship: the Zer0 Waste Natural Park, a beacon of hope in our quest for a greener tomorrow.

Driven by the visionary Ilfov County Council, this project, in partnership with the Ilfov Forest Directorate and the Ilfov Împreună Foundation, is sculpting a green oasis amidst concrete jungle, redefining what it means to be green.

In our park, waste finds new life, from recycled furniture to innovative installations crafted from old shoes. Visitors marvel at our recycling facilities, designed to inspire action and foster a culture of eco-consciousness.

Our park is a treasure trove of wisdom, where workshops, exhibitions, and interactive sessions sow the seeds of environmental literacy, igniting passion for a sustainable future.

Innovation meets conservation at the Zer0 Waste Natural Park, where cutting-edge renewable energy systems and smart monitoring devices set new benchmarks in sustainability.

As this park takes root, it leaves an indelible mark on Ilfov’s landscape, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to the planet. Join us in nurturing this green revolution and ushering in an era of harmony between humanity and nature.

Unified, we herald the Zer0 Waste Natural Park as a pole of sustainability, fostering a harmonious relationship between people and their environment.

We are aware that adaptability to innovation is the key to success, and adopting emerging technologies is an essential step to stay in step with the evolution of society and continuously improve our way of life and work.

Măgurele Science Park

The Măgurele Science Park Association (AMSP) serves as the driving force behind the community formed around the Măgurele Science Park investment project. Its primary objective is to establish connections and promote collaboration among research institutions, businesses, governmental bodies, and NGOs. AMSP is committed to nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset and facilitating the utilization of research and innovation outcomes both on the market and in society. Knowledge sharing and networking are fundamental values guiding our daily operations.

Meanwhile, the Science and Technology Park represents a pivotal strategic initiative encompassing various functionalities, including an Innovation Center, a Technological Transfer Center, an Expo Center, and recreational facilities. The park’s focal areas span Advanced Physics and Nuclear Applications, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies, GREEN initiatives for secure and efficient energy, and Digital advancements encompassing Information and Communication Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. The Măgurele Science Park is poised to emerge as the primary hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in Bucharest-Ilfov region.

Together, we forge new pathways for innovation and collaboration at Măgurele Science Park, united in our pursuit of progress.


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